Welcome to your Dooooom!

Dooooom (with 5 o’s) is the interweb home of Ben Dunmore. It’s where you’ll find his portfolio, games and general pointless ramblings.

Who is this dashing young man?

  • Ben Dunmore is a web and games designer based in London.
  • He is fluent in HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript.
  • Everything on this site was coded by him! Well, apart from the CMS behind it (WordPress) and it’s plugins.
  • He used to have 3 rows of teeth on his top jaw.
  • He has a degree in games writing and design.
  • He once appeared for roughly 3 seconds on Techno Games.
  • His end of year presentation is still used as a best practice example at his university.
  • In his spare time he builds top-down adventure games, like the Game Boy Zeldas.
  • His coming to this earth was foretold by the dour gnashings of Fnag’l-q’rahlyh, defiler of sock drawers. Unfortunately, Fnag’l’s dentist wasn’t paying attention, so Ben made this site to get the word out*


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